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The Afternoon Pick- Me- Up

Tea Rays by leftride

4 o’clock is right about the time when I hit the wall. Its been hours since my lunch break, my eyes are blurring from hours of being on the computer and I am plain ready to end the day. This is probably the hardest time for me to feel focused and motived and you guessed it.. I want coffee. I stopped drinking coffee about 3 years ago and I honestly feel amazing. My energy is longer lasting, my skin looks brighter and its been a decision I have been happy making… well most of the time.

So its about this time where I have to muster up the courage to make a better choice and literally force myself not to make a trip down to Starbucks or Whole Foods. The two things I have found to lift my spirits and bring back enough strength to continue out the day are:

Sunshine and Tea.

Hopefully you can find a place to get outside, at least for 5 minutes, soak up some sun and recharge. If not, try checking out some awesome sunshine photos, I swear its like you are there. Then fix up a cup of green tea (loose leaf is best) and sip away. The green tea usually has just enough caffeine to give me a boost, without the jitters, and a bonus is that it helps quell those hunger pains (dieter’s secret). If your in your office, no problem, get an electric teapot, turn it on, and steep for 10 minutes.

Oh yeah, don’t forget your favorite coffee mug…. just the coffee. Happy Afternoon!

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  • Reply Desiree Fauntisma August 30, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    I love this idea, do you have a good sunshine website you recommend? Any specific green tea I should be purchasing? Keep on bringing good advice you are like a Vegan Martha Stewart.

    • lauren
      Reply lauren August 30, 2011 at 10:28 pm

      You bet! I love your enthusiasm! I will be posting tons of sunshine photos but just check out my flickr album at the bottom of the site. As for green tea, I absolutely love jasmine green. The best companies are Teavana and Zhi Tea. I will be doing a few reviews on them coming up. Thanks for following 🙂

  • Reply Leticia Zero January 26, 2012 at 10:45 am

    I am a bit embarassed to say that I thought the “evil” in coffee was the caffeine, and that it is also present in the green tea. And that even though green tea has loads of good stuff for you, you should be off it as well if your issue is energy x caffeine. I recently made a liver/kidney cleanse with a chinese medicine dietitian and she told me to be off all kinds of caffeine, including tea, coffee and chocolate.
    Anyway, what is your take on caffeine, tea x coffe? Also, can you point me to some material to read about that issue? Thanks you so much!

    • lauren
      Reply lauren January 26, 2012 at 2:44 pm

      I can see where she is coming from because both coffee and tea can be dehydrating which is one of the main culprits of poor health but when people are trying to move off of caffeine, green tea I believe is a good alternative to begin with. Green Tea has some great health benefits as well including: radiation protection (important still because of Japan and any time you travel)- especially at the thyroid, it contains great anti-cancer properties, it aids in weight loss through boosting your metabolism, it can be beneficial to the health of tendons and ligaments as well. I believe that if you have a cup a day and drink plenty of water to offset its dehydrating properties it is okay. But what I also like to do is use a Green Tea concentrate by Premier Research Labs which is a probiotically-derived version of green tea without any caffeine. You can check it out here. I put a tsp in water and drink it- 1 tsp actually equals 22 cups of green tea- super powerful!

      • Reply Leticia Zero January 27, 2012 at 12:36 am

        Thank you so much! I feel better, because I love green tea!

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