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What Vegetable is Your Role Model?

As I was perusing the produce aisle of Whole Foods today, I had the funniest flash back. All of a sudden I was sitting at my college interview, hands sweating, heart racing, and the dean of USC asks me:

“ If you were any vegetable, what would you be?”

“ A carrot.”

The answer flew out of my mouth as if I had been waiting for that question all my life. But to be honest, while it was completely silly and random, it was one of the most thought provoking questions I have ever been asked.

Carrots are a root vegetable and therefore by function, root themselves deeply into the ground, remaining fervent and strong. They are an extremely resilient and hearty vegetable, providing a huge amount of nutrition for their size and while tough on the outside, surprisingly sweet and juicy on the inside. Finally, my favorite quality is that they have so much diversity. While most people only recognize this delicious vegetable as orange, they actually come in purple, red, white and yellow. Now that’s personality!

This made me reflect on the fact that nature is completely bountiful and has answers for all of us if we take a second to look.

So… what vegetable is your role model?

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