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A Movie Review for Forks over Knives

I just got finished watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives.” I must say that this has been one of my most favorite documentaries thus far. The reason being, Forks Over Knives covers the whole spectrum of food and health issues ranging from its political implications, the rising saturation of “make-believe” foods in the market place and social economic disparities. Furthermore, it reveals the power of marketing and corporation control over what you eat. The best part about this documentary though is that it actually gives us a solution. Thank god! After every other documentary I have watched about health, the environment and the food industry, I have been left wanting to practically kill myself. Left with no calls to action, hopeless….

Forks Over Knives finally steps up to the plate to tie together all of the loose ends that the other documentaries have left behind. It gives us hope that changing to a plant- based (vegan) diet can actually turn off cancer genes and even reverse chronic diseases. This documentary was extremely well done as it follows two of the leading researchers in the field at this time. Furthermore, it is extremely motivational as it interviews countless patients who have followed this plan and have essentially saved themselves from their so-called impending death.

If I can recommend any documentary, article, interview or book to help open your eyes to the reality of your health in the 21st century, this is it. I almost do not want to call it a recommendation but a Holy Kale requirement!

I promise this documentary will give you the hope and knowledge you need to change your life today. Can I mention again that it shows you how to TURN OFF cancer genes and REVERSE chronic disease!? Hell yes! I knew there was a reason I was a vegan 😉

PS: You can watch it here or you can learn more at the official site.

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