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Even Beautiful People Talk About Poop

This afternoon I was fortunate enough for a friend to send me this hilarious interview with Gwyneth Paltrow on her new health and lifestyle blog GOOP.

You’re welcome.

AMSCI: There’s certainly a wide variety of information in there. You’ve written about exercise, travel, beauty secrets, and diet. What’s the one simplest thing people can do to improve their lifestyles?

PALTROW: Oh, that’s easy. You need to poop a bunch.

AMSCI: Poop a bunch?

PALTROW: Absolutely. How often do you poop?

AMSCI: I don’t know. Maybe once a day. Once every other day.

PALTROW: Not good enough. Let me ask you another question: would you ever eat poop?

(long pause)

AMSCI: You mean, like, on a dare?

PALTROW: Whatever.

AMSCI: I wouldn’t want to, no.

PALTROW: See? That’s normal. No one likes eating poop. That’s your body telling you that poop isn’t food. But you poop comes from your food, right? So, if you have to eat food to poop, but poop isn’t food, then what is poop?

AMSCI: Did you learn to play the guitar for Country Strong, or was that something you already knew?

PALTROW: Poop is the toxins from the food you eat. Your body wants to get rid of it. Since you subscribe to the newsletter, maybe you read my article about my holiday cleanse? After too much turkey and dressing during the holidays, I take a couple of weeks to flush my body and drop off the pounds. Liquids for breakfast and dinner, healthy solids for lunch. Sometimes during a cleanse, there just isn’t enough raw material to make a poop. So I have to make sure and drink lots of castor oil or eat lots of laxatives to go ahead and poop out those toxins. Because it doesn’t matter what you eat. There are always toxins.

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