How to Navigate Unhealthy Food Situations
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How to Navigate Unhealthy Food Situations

This weekend is Texas’ annual Austin City Limits, a three-day music festival that brings over 70,000 fans each year. I am lucky enough to attend, but with all festivals or all day excursions, comes the thought “What am I going to eat?” I have been a vegan for over four years now, and while I will indulge in a few non-vegan delights here and there, for the most part I am quite particular about what I eat. To be more specific, it is not only the type of food I am particular about, but also the quality of the food. Therefore, when faced with an all- weekend event whose food options are between BBQ, Cotton Candy and a fried pickle, I must start to prepare. Here are my tips for how to navigate unhealthy food situations.

The most important thing for your health is to have a plan. Even if that plan is to indulge for the day, you need to decide before you arrive. Are you going to accept (without guilt) your decision to eat a hamburger, French fries and a coke, or are you going to bring something with you. And believe me, I have learned the hard way. I used to just go with the flow and I would either end up starving to death or with a wicked stomachache. Then to top it all off I would feel guilty about it for the whole rest of the day. Great, Thanks Lauren!

Well I finally got wise to my bad habits and decided to make a new one. Every time I go somewhere new that involves me eating, I do the following things: 

First, I check out the food options at where I am going, by cleverly looking up the menus online. I must tell you now, the internet is the greatest invention for this reason. You can already plan what you are going to eat or if there is something to eat, before you get there. No surprises. I know, it might sound anal, but this technique will be your best new friend. Remember? Planning is the key.

Second, if there is not anything available, or if you choose to not partake in any of the options, you should pack something with you. In my case, I usually love bringing a bag of raw nuts, dried berries (Goji are my favorite), and sometimes a raw bar if the day is going to be super long. Now, I must warn you that you will get some questioning looks when you pull them out of your purse, but you have no idea how many times I have had to actually share! My friends used to make fun of me, until they were starving too and I pulled out the best selection of snacks ever! Believe me, that is satisfying 🙂

With this set in place, I have been able to successfully and most importantly, happily, stay on track with my eating plan and I no longer have those guilty, “Why did I eat that” days. Because believe me, if you hang out with non-health conscious people, travel or socialize often, these days are more than far and few between.

What is your favorite healthy snack pack?



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