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I Am Content

“There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction” Salvador Dali

I am healthy, I am loved, I share my life with family and friends, I have a bookshelf of wonderful books, I have a window view of a river, the sun is shining, my bamboo is growing, I feel energized, I can afford to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, I am thankful for a 3-day weekend of live music, my boyfriend cooked me a delicious bowl of broccoli and potatoes for lunch, I love the sunlight in my bedroom, I love my soft and cozy bed, the incense burning, I love talking with my neighbors, I am grateful to have two wonderful living grandparents, I am fortunate to have hilarious and caring friends, I love my ability to speak my mind and follow through, I love my creativity, I love my spiritual awareness, I love my curiosity of life.

Sometimes we have to remember to be our number one fan and my favorite way is to simply list the things we are grateful for, things we love about ourselves, and the things and people we love around us. I think we should make this a weekly practice of thanking ourselves for doing our very best everyday and remember that our lives reflect the love that we think we deserve and the love that we give to ourself.

What is your list?


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  • Reply C Dubbs September 19, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    “I’d Kiss Every Puppy”

    The people you surround yourself with is often a comment on the person who you are. I feel fortunate to be enveloped by friends who are creative, funny, and compassionate and a family that is rich in intelligence and love. My life wouldn’t work without them. They challenge me to be better in every facet of my life. My family has instilled a good work ethic in me. And by their example I have learned to show genuine care for others. My mother has taught me to always ask questions and the importance of being able to socialize no matter the person. She can cook like no other, and lucky for me she has been teaching me my whole life. My father is one of the most honest men I have ever met and because of that I believe in having integrity in every situation. My brother is the best person in the world. He is smart, driven, and dedicated but his best quality is his good heart and youthful soul. He reminds me that even if you are a doctor or a lawyer or the ceo of a major company you can always act like a kid. I strive everyday to be more like all of them and I hope I have retained some of the qualities that I love in them so much.

    As for what I like in myself, I like that I make myself laugh when no one is around. I like that I am clumsy and a closet dork. I like that I can clear my head every time I go running. I like that I know, no matter what if I am sad and I go outside, I smile. I like that I can kick it with the guys and still hangout with the girls. I am so fortunate to have a family that supports me going back to school, and I am even more fortunate that I am smart enough to do it. I like that if you give me a task and tell me I can’t do it. I’ll figure out a way to prove you wrong. And what I like most about myself is that I know, if any of my friends or family called me and needed something, they wouldn’t even have to ask. I’d stop whatever I was doing, get on a plane, drive 4 hours at 3 a.m., pick them up, and just sit with them so they would know that they aren’t alone.

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