osmosis jones movie review
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Osmosis Jones movie review

I have always been really worried over how I was going to make sure that my kids wouldn’t be junk food kids, and I think I have found the answer! Osmosis Jones. Osmosis Jones is a half animated, half live action comedy film with Bill Murray. I know, I do not particularly like Bill Murray either, but this film has found an ingenious way to educate about the body.

The film follows Frank Detorre, Bill Murray, who is an extremely unhealthy eater and has no regard for germs or disease. While a small part of the movie is about his relationship with his health-conscious daughter, the bulk of the film takes place inside his body. His entire body has been turned into an animated city, where the white blood cells are police, the brain is the mayor and the germs and waste are rampant. Inside the body, the protagonist is Osmosis Jones, Chris Rock, a hot-tempered, wild leukocyte. The story unfolds when Frank eats an egg that he steals from a chimpanzee and he introduces into his a body a deadly virus. Osmosis Jones must team up with a cold pill, Drix, to help protect Frank from the virus and his pending death.

The movie depicts how Frank’s extremely poor choices of nutrition and hygiene lead to his possible death, and how his choices make his insides look worse than the Gulf Coast oil spill. It gives great insight on how the body works by animating “you are what you eat.” This is a must-see for everyone, but most importantly kids, because I promise you, after you see what his body looks like on the inside, any kid would happily accept even your healthiest of meals.

Alright parents and future parents alike…. hope that was helpful!


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