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Stracciatella Soup


As fall begins to turn the corner, I have been getting back into my groove with soup. I have found that for me personally, the more that I stick to a light, liquid- based diet, the better I feel. Longer lasting energy, clearer skin, and a stable weight. My routine for the week usually consists of a breakfast superfood smoothie, a lunch vegetable juice smoothie and soup for dinner.

This recipe comes from a book called ” For the Love of Soup.” I absolutely love this cookbook, but I always like to modify the recipe to make it more vegan friendly.

Stracciatella is a Italian soup that is super easy to make. I am talking about 30 minutes from start to finish. While I normally would make this recipe without eggs, I have been eating them once and awhile to support my new workout routine. Stracci mean rags in Italian, and the soup owes it its name to when you add the eggs to the hot soup, they form shapes reminiscent of bits of rags.


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