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The New Hot Spot: The Bookstore


So in an attempt to not resort back to my old ways of vegging out on the couch or visiting the local bar for a few cocktails, last night I decided to go to the bookstore. To my very pleasant surprise it is open 7 days a week until 11:00 pm, so I thought it must be a happening place, right?

Exactly right. At 10 o’clock on a Monday night, my local bookstore, Book People, was jamming. There were people not only reading, but meeting friends for coffee and even for business it seemed. I asked the sales girl if this was normal, and she said it actually was a slow night, because they typically have speakers and even musicians…WOW! Talk about an after- dinner gem!

While I only expected to buy my most recent wish list book, ” Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” to get me in the mood for my trip through the South East next month, I ended up with a few more goodies. And I must say now, I absolutely love to read and I hate kindles. I mean, I understand they are more convenient and possibly more user friendly, but seriously… every purchase is like promoting the end of an era! No more borrowing books, marking your favorite passages or even having the reward of placing them on your shelf for aesthetic pleasure….. Nope, I cannot stand it. I will forever pay the extra few dollars for the good old ink, paper and binding.

Great, I got that off my chest, now we can move on.

To return to my point, I also FINALLY picked up ” The Omnivores Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. It has been slipping my mind for ages so I will be sure to share with you all of my new found knowledge in posts to come. All and all, I spent about 2 hours there with my head stuck in the shelves of the health section,while ever so often engaging with other health enthusiasts as well. I must say that this was the perfect nightly diversion that satisfied my mind and body and certainly kept me away from other “less healthy” practices.

Have you turned your bookstore into your favorite hang out place yet?

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