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The Practice of Affirmations

Yesterday marked a personal goal of mine. It marks 1 full month of being able to increase my reps at the gym consistently every week. And I will tell you, this was a big deal. While I have always worked out, I have not always been able to perform at the level I have wanted. This was mainly due to a lack of self-discipline. I knew I could do it, but my lazy side often took over and led me to believe that I had done good enough for the day.

After I had yet another “I cannot believe I am doing this to myself” moment, I put my foot down. I decided, no ifs ands or buts, that I was going to follow through with my goals. I was no longer going to let myself be the cause of my own frustration, disappointment, guilt and hate. So I devised an affirmation plan.

If you are not familiar with the practice of affirmations, then here is your introduction as well as your practice’s inception. An affirmation is a statement, through the act of repetition, becomes ingrained into your subconscious mind and causes a change in your way of thought. For example, if you wake up everyday, look into the mirror and state “Today, I choose to be happy” the idea is that over time you will manifest that into a reality, i.e. you will be happy.

Changing your present thinking will change your reality. Because remember, you are your own creator. And believe me, this has happen time and time again for me. You attract what vibration you put out. Therefore, in my workout practice, I decided to use my practice of affirmations. My affirmation was:

“I have done it before, therefore I will do it again.”

What that means to me is that if I have ran 3 miles before, I will NEVER run less than 3 miles. No option. I can only run 3 miles or farther. So no matter how I feel that day, I have the comfort of knowing that I am capable, and therefore I will and can perform. And the best part is, over time you will not just run that 3 miles, you will realize you can run much farther.

This affirmation forces me to move forward, never to move backward. Because I will tell you, unless you are moving forward, you will never achieve your goals at hand. We were made to grow and progress in life, not to stay stagnant or regress. We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, it is just about getting our mind to truly believe it. 

So why don’t you try adding the practice of affirmation into your workout. If you just remember that  you have done it before, then you can do it again, you just might surprise yourself. You will see that slowly but surely you will get stronger and stronger.

Happy workout!

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