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Cold and Flu Natural Prevention

With flu vaccinations being offered at every corner, it’s a tell-tale sign that the cold and flu season is upon us. Unfortunately some of us aren’t as lucky as others, catching the flu like clock work every winter and inevitably missing out on fun holiday parties and the use of “sick days” for our own personal prerogative. Therefore, I propose that we actually try the oh so fun “preventative” method, rather than waiting for the sniffles and chills to take over us. 

I am not a proponent  of flu vaccinations for quite a few reasons, so I am going to share with you a couple things that I personally put into action to guarantee myself an active, vibrant holiday season. Here are my top tips for cold and flu natural prevention.


Cold and Flu Natural Prevention


1. Vitamin D

We all have to have heard of the many benefits of vitamin D and fortunately they are true. Vitamin D has shown to activate over 300 antimicrobials in the body, effectively preventing the onset of the cold or flu. Now the catch is that vitamin D needs to be activated by the liver and the kidneys, as well as effectively processed with the help of the gallbladder (it’s a fat-soluble vitamin), making it a difficult vitamin to utilize. What this means is that many people are not able to reach high enough levels of blood saturation of the vitamin for it to be a cold and flu fighter, because of their health status. So what I propose is that you increase your intake. Forget the RDA levels suggested, these are not individualized, and go for a higher dose.

My favorite Vitamin D supplement is made with an olive oil base and is really easy to take. It has NOT been extracted with hexane (a petrochemical) and it has been humanely derived from sheep’s wool. I suggest taking about 12 drops as a loading dose for 4-6 weeks, and then moving down to 6 drops daily. If you have health issues with your gallbladder, kidneys or liver, I would recommend staying on 12 drops daily. You can also get your vitamin D levels tested as well.

You can my favorite Vitamin D here.


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2. Nucleotides

Nucleotides are fundamental nutrients, like minerals, which must be supplied from outside the body (each of our cells contains 6 billion nucleotides). They are the building blocks of RNA and DNA, which allows them to promote cell regeneration and rapidly boost the immune system.

I have seen some of the greatest results with this product, not only in preventing a cold and flu but also dead stopping one once you have it. Furthermore, having this around the house is excellent because it can expedite any healing process, whether from illness, injury or surgery.

Preventatively I take about 6 daily, and for acute conditions (meaning you have the cold/flu, or are injured or ill) I would take 12 daily. You can learn more about Nucleotides here.



3. Vitamin C

Yep, you thought this might be on the list, and you were right. Good old vitamin C. But the difference is that I am not recommending synthetic vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, which is the common form found in supplements, but the kind of vitamin C that comes from nutrient rich foods.

Vitamin C is extremely effective when you have the right form. It plays very nicely with the immune system when it has all the nutrients and enzymes it needs to work. But, if you have the synthetic form, you will not get the same excellent results. In fact, you might even cause damage to the body since synthetic vitamin C can be a pro-oxidant (damage cells and tissues) and can even cause toxic levels of iron in the body. Therefore, I stick to a live-source, from whole foods supplement and eat plenty of goji berries and oranges.

You can find my favorite Vitamin C supplement here.


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Now, if for some reason you are in the bouts of a cold or flu, I suggest that you take high doses of the Nucleotides and add in one supplement as your “Back up Immune System,” Colostrum. 


4. Colostrum

Colostrum is the single most potent immune boosting substance I have found, being extremely rich in immunoglobulins (natural antibodies). It is an excellent stand- in immune system when you are sick or dealing with recovery of injury. This is excellent for babies and children as it has all of the growth factors needed for health and even comes in powder form. It supports beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, healthy oxygen transport in the blood (lactoferrin), and is the richest source of natural MSM, a sulfur compound which helps promote a strong and healthy immune system. Pretty much it is awesome 🙂

Colostrum does come from the first milk of cows, which is the most nutrient- rich, bioavailable form of immune boosting factors. It contains everything that a newborn needs to survive, making it THE concentration of nutrients needed for life form. The colostrum comes from organic cows: grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free, and truly pampered beings. While I personally do not usually take anything from animals, this supplementation is an exception, since its function completely outweighs any dietary preference I might have.

To learn more about colostrum go here.


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