How to Buy the Best Supplements III
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How to Buy the Best Supplements III

Now that we have gone over what NOT to have in your supplement, let’s take a look at what we should have in our supplement in “How to Buy the Best Supplements III.”  Yes, we are trying to remain positive here.


How to Buy the Best Supplements

Quality Control

The idea of a supplement is to provide a source of concentrated nutrients that your body otherwise is not receiving from your diet. Therefore, since we cannot eat 5 pounds of fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, grains, oils and other superfoods, we need to find another way to get them down the hatch, hence the supplement.

Therefore, as logic would have it, our supplement would essentially just be concentrated foods and super foods. That is what the body recognizes, and therefore knows how to use. Then let me pose one question: Why are the majority of supplements on the market, isolated, synthetic (man-made) nutrients? Does the body know how to use these?

Synthetic vs. Live-Source Nutrients

The answer is that the body can utilize these synthetic nutrients (made in a lab) to some extent. The problem is that we think that we can outsmart nature by separating the nutrients and getting the same effect. Unfortunately not. Nature has perfectly set up ratios of various nutrients, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids etc, in the foods that we eat so that the body receives exactly what it needs to function. All of our nutrients need “synergists” and “cofactors” (other nutrients) to be used properly. So when we separate them, often our body must steal nutrients from other places just to make them work! Doesn’t sound very effective now does it?

Furthermore, synthetic nutrients do not necessarily behave the same way as nutrients from food do, causing a risk for toxicity. And finally, the majority of synthetic nutrients are only effective in the short-term, leaving results something to be desired in the long run.

Kirlian Photography demonstrating the Energetic Body


Secondly, the body functions not only on a biochemical model, but also an energetic one. What that means is that our body functions through chemical reactions but it also functions through energy. Meaning that our surroundings, our thoughts and our emotions influence our physical body because it is a living thing. This ideology is based on quantum physics. An example of how our energetic body is expressed is through meridian systems and chakras. What I am getting at is that synthetic nutrients do not influence the energetic body like live-source (once-living, containing DNA) nutrients, because they are not alive. They do not carry the same energetic frequency. Only live-source nutrients carry an energetic frequency that will be ultimately compatible with the human body. Therefore by using synthetic nutrients, you are not addressing a major component to the aspect of healing the body which is vital to your health process.


Energetic Body of a Leaf

So What are we Looking for Exactly?

We are looking for live-source, unprocessed nutrients. Essentially, we want our manufacturer to take a whole food, spice or herb, grind it up and either provide it to us in a vegetable capsule, powder or liquid. We do not want it highly heated (only enough to dry it to prevent moisture and mold growth) or processed. This way we know we are getting a concentration from food that we could consume directly from nature. Therefore we are looking for a supplement that lists on the ingredients the names of foods, herbs or spices. It will not have just isolated vitamins, minerals etc. listed.



Do we Want it to be Organic?

We most definitely require that the nutrients have not come in contact with any pesticide, herbicide, or chemical. This is a very important point here. Since we are deciding to do something good for ourselves, there is no point in ruining our good effort by getting a chemical laden product. Once these nutrients are concentrated, that means that the levels of chemicals (if present) are concentrated too. Bad News. But an important point to take notice of is that the term “organic” is not a world-wide designation. Many countries that provide clean, quality foods, spices and herbs, do not use organic terms and therefore you will not see that on the bottles. I therefore just suggest that you make sure it is designated as pesticide, herbicide, chemical-free. You may want to contact the supplier directly to gain this information.

Image by Will Fuller


One quick note on Vitamin D Supplements:

Vitamin D: vitamin D is an essential nutrients to take everyday, but the majority of liquid forms on the market have been extracted using HEXANE, a toxin found in gasoline. You must be wary of this type of practice because it will not mention this on the label.


If we are Looking for Live- Source Nutrients, What about Organ Glandulars?

Organ glandulars is literally the use of organs from animals in supplements in order to increase the functioning of that same organ in a human. I know, sounds pretty appetizing right? I will have 1 piece of cow thyroid, 1 sliver of pig adrenal and end it will a touch of bull prostate. Enough said for many here.

Image by Lithfin


If you are vegan or vegetarian, no need to worry about you, but for everyone else, we are looking at a couple different issues here. One being that there is always a risk of prion (mutated protein) exposure from taking glandulars. Prion exposure can lead to brain damage and disease such as Mad Cow Disease. Even if the company is a reputable brand, the world today has become quite toxic, and the risk is greater than the reward in my mind.

Second, the practice of glandular use is based on the idea that the resonance (frequency of the cells) of animal organs and glands match that of the human cells and therefore are compatible. Meaning that if you take bovine pancreas it will increase the functioning of your pancreas because they are of similar frequency. While this may be true to on a biochemical model, there is no animal organ or gland that can match a human organ or gland on an energetic model. Furthermore, some research has actually shown that the resonance from live- source foods and herbs more closely resemble that of human cells. This is important because it would mean that live-source foods, herbs and spices make a greater impact on the functioning of the cell, organ or gland of a human than animal glandulars. Thank god! No organs for me today.


Image by Peace Correspondent

What are We Taking Home Today?


1. Live-Source: nutrients from living raw foods


2. Pesticide, Herbicide, Chemical-Free


3. No Excipients, Additives, Fillers, Artificial Colors or Flavors


4. We are an Energetic Body that is Influenced by Supplements with Energy (live-source, not synthetic)




Okay, go take a break, go grab a snack and I will see you in Part IV

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