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I think that happiness is the one thing that we all believe that we are striving for, yet we are looking in the wrong places. Instead of looking around us for better homes, better jobs, better clothes or for someone else to make us happy, we must look inside. As many times as we may have heard this, that happiness comes from inside, it is still something that is truly hard to grasp, understand and to manifest.


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In my own experiences, happiness often manifested itself in the form of fleeting moments. Great parties, great times with friends, fun vacations etc. but the happiness that was gained from those moments didn’t seem to last. While I felt “happy,” there still always seemed like something was lacking. And therefore, I cannot say that I truly felt happiness.

It was not until I began delving into who I was, want I wanted, and who I wanted to be, that I began to even scratch the surface of what it meant to be truly happy. Through my experiences with emotional work, religious and spiritual practices, and learning to truly love myself, I was able to find out what Happiness really meant to me.


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I believe that True Happiness finds you when you find Peace. And peace is a state of being that can only truly be known once you have reached it. I can say that through my practice of health, I have been able to create a space for clarity of mind, for self-love and through that, peace began to find itself within me.

The practice of regaining your ultimate health is essential for happiness and peace of mind. Through your body, your mind can gain the clarity it needs, so that your soul can feel free and therefore feel at peace. So please treat your body as a temple, for it is the form in which your soul inhabits and therefore is an intertwined part of your journey to expressing true happiness. One does not live without the other. 


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  • Reply Michael Kresl November 13, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    My happiness is when the whole family gets together for BDay lunch. Miss you. Happy birthday.

  • Reply felicia November 30, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    A truly profound post. Peace, self-love, and happiness are sought after by people of all ages, but for some reason, tend to not take precedence until ultimately meaningless material and superficial personal goals are first achieved. I agree with you, our health and personal happiness are of the highest priority, now and always.

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