How eating one vegetarian meal a day makes a difference
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Eating one vegetarian meal a day makes a difference

Did you know that eating one vegetarian meal a day makes a difference?

The commercial meat and dairy industry contribute to a large portion of environmental damage; from poisoning our water, to degrading our land, to creating exorbitant amounts of methane gas that cause of global warming. Furthermore, it is a completely unsustainable practice that creates larger problems than benefits. These include, the wide use of pesticides, the loss of heirloom food varieties, the mass die off of honey bees, the altering of genes and finally, the health of us humans today.

Eating commercial meat and dairy has huge negative implications on the body, the most shocking being that it contributes to chronic disease and cancer. Commercial meat contributes to cancer by actually showing to turn on cancer cells. Now that is something to pay attention to, but unfortunately that is not all. Commercial meat and dairy is treated with growth hormones and antibiotics which leads to problems with hormone balance (weight gain, mood, hair loss, pms, low sex drive) and with antibiotic resistance.


So why not take a small step and begin to make a change?

It is never to late to begin the practice of prevention, and fortunately for you, you have found this site and now have the tools to do so! It is amazing how eating one vegetarian meal a day makes a difference.

My favorite way to help people begin eating a plant-based diet is with a healthy morning shake. If you can start the day off right, you are much more likely to make good choices throughout the day. Plus, this will help you have the energy and feel good feelings you need to get you through the day while practicing healthy choices. Doesn’t sound so bad after all!


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