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Ingredients: Documentary Review


If you love cooking, gardening, fruits and vegetables of any kind, this documentary is for you. It is a great insight into the sustainable food movement that is going on right now, all around us, and how it is finally taking traction. Unfortunately, food is not longer just food. It is a commodity, a means to making money, a chemistry experiment, an exercise in marketing and advertising, a struggle for power, a device to control and unlucky for us, the ones with the most money and power win.

We are at a time in our lives, where it is vital to get back to our roots, to nature, to a time when food was a root, a berry, a nut, a seed, a leaf. Harvested with care- with the animals, the soil, the water, the rain, the insects and the natural rhythm of nature in mind. Created with the earth as a mere keeper not controller or God. This documentary helps to awaken your eyes to this time where we are learning to yearn, to desire for what we know to be true. To be apart of this earth system, with food at its core.


Image by Thomas Euler


This documentary inspires us to take charge of our life, of our kids’ lives, of our community and of our world by re-igniting the true food movement. Out with the chemicals, dyes, preservatives, genetically-modified, refined, processed, extracted, radiated, injected, sedated form of “food” that is no longer a means to nourish, but a way in which we vote. A vote not for health, not for the environment, not for ourselves but for misguidance, illusion, control, land degradation, medication and the lose of our very right to the pure, to the clean, to our connection with earth and our very being.

Getting back to the basic ingredients of life- clean air, clean water, clean food, is at our fingertips, become a part of the change. Believe me, you might surprise yourself how much you will love farmers markets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and being a part of a community and a world that cares. Be a part of the movement to bring good food back to the table and health back to our communities.


Image by FarmtoFit


You can purchase the movie here, or if you have a netflix account, you can watch it there too.


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