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The Microwave Risk

“Don’t Stand in front of the Microwave, it can cause Cancer”

Wives’ tale or truth? 

I remember first hearing this about 10 years ago, when we first starting really using our microwave for not only heating food but for cooking food as well. At the time, I would ignore that saying, and just stand patiently waiting for the food to cook, turning the light on every 30 seconds to see if it was ready yet. But how come in the back of my mind I never really forgot about the link between microwaves, radiation and cancer. Was there ever really a firm conclusion on the microwave risk? If you are like most people, there is still that lingering insecurity about microwaves that forces you to apprehensively move to the other side of the kitchen while using it.

So like all good investigators do, I took this so-called “wives’ tale” and decided to get to the bottom of it. At the bottom I found out that this is NOT a wives tale. Microwaves do have a definite connection to cancer, but that’s not all.

Let’s delve in.

*Quick Note: This is a content-rich topic, and because I know our time is valuable, I am going to try to convey this message as quickly and concisely as possible without compromising the information. Don’t worry though, if you are the reading type with a curious mind, there will be links at the bottom for further information.

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How do Microwaves Work?


Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation—waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving together through space. Microwaves are generated by something called a magnetron (a term derived from the words “magnet” and “electron”), which is also what enabled airborne radar use during WWII. Hence the early name for microwave ovens: radar ranges.

Every microwave oven contains a magnetron, a tube in which electrons are affected by magnetic and electric fields in such a way as to produce micro wavelength radiation at about 2450 Mega Hertz (MHz) or 2.45 Giga Hertz (GHz). This microwave radiation interacts with the molecules in food, by causing them to rotate millions of times a second. All this agitation creates molecular friction, which heats up the food. The friction also causes substantial damage to the surrounding molecules, often tearing them apart or forcefully deforming them. 

Additionally, microwaving creates new compounds that are not found in humans or in nature, called radiolytic compounds. We don’t yet know what these compounds are doing to your body.

In addition to the violent frictional heat effects, called thermic effects, there are also athermic effects, which are poorly understood because they are not as easily measured. It is these athermic effects that are suspected to be responsible for much of the deformation and degradation of cells and molecules.

Cancer-Causing Effects of Microwaves

  • Investigators found that carcinogens were formed from the microwaving of nearly all foods tested.
  • The microwaving of milk and grains converted some of the amino acids into carcinogenic substances.
  • Microwaving prepared meats caused the formation of the cancer-causing agents d-Nitrosodienthanolamines.
  • Thawing frozen fruits by microwave converted their glucoside and galactoside fractions into carcinogenic substances.
  • Extremely short exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables converted their plant alkaloids into carcinogens.
  • Carcinogenic free radicals were formed in microwaved plants—especially root vegetables.
  • Ingestion of microwaved food causes a higher percentage of cancerous cells within the blood serum.
  • In a statistically high percentage of persons, microwaved food caused stomach and intestinal cancerous growths

Decrease in Nutritional Value

  • Structural degradation leading to decreased food value was found to be 60 to 90 percent overall for all foods tested
  • Significant decreases in bioavailability of B complex vitamins, vitamins C and E, essential minerals, and lipotropics (substances that prevent abnormal accumulation of fat) were found.
  • Various kinds of damaged occured to many plant substances, such as alkaloids, galactosides, nitrolosides, and glucosides
  • The degradation of nucleo-proteins in meats.
  • A marked accelerationg of structural disintegration in all foods


Microwave Effects on Plants

Interruption of Normal Functioning of the Body

  • Alteration of the food substances cause disorders of the digestive system by unstable breakdown of microwaved food
  • Due to chemical alteration of the food, malfunctions occurred with the lymphatic system, causing a degeneration of the immune potentials of the body to protect against abnormal tissue growth
  • In a statistically high percentage of persons, microwaved food caused a general degeneration of peripheral and cellular tissues, with a gradual breakdown of the function of the digestive and excretive systems.

Effects on our Electrical Body

Radiation Cooker

The ingestion of microwaved food as well as the exposure to the energy-field itself causes the following adverse side-effects:

  • A breakdown of the human “life-energy field”
  • A degeneration of the cellular voltage, especially in the blood and lymph
  • A degeneration and destabilization of the cell membranes
  • Degeneration and circuit breakdowns of nerve impulses within the brain
  • Loss of energy in the nerve centers
  • Loss of balance in the system which controls the function of consciousness
  • Long term cumulative loss of vital energies 
  • Long lasting magnetic “deposits” in the nervous and lymphatic system
  • Interruption in the production of hormones and maintenance of hormone balance
  • Higher levels of brainwave disturbance


Top Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the Microwave

1). Continually eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term — permanent — brain damage by “shorting out” electrical impulses in the brain [de-polarizing or de-magnetizing the brain tissue].

2). The human body cannot metabolize [break down] the unknown by-products created in microwaved food.

3). Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continually eating microwaved foods.

4). The effects of microwaved food by-products are residual [long term, permanent] within the human body.

5). Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.

6). The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous, free radicals when cooked in microwave ovens.

7). Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths [tumors]. This may explain the rapidly increased rate of colon cancer in America.

8). The prolonged eating of microwaved foods causes cancerous cells to increase in human blood.

9). Continual ingestion of microwaved food causes immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and blood serum alterations.

10). Eating microwaved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence.


What’s Next? Getting Back to the Basics

Getting Back to Simple Meal Preparation


Humans lived on this earth for thousands of years without the use of a microwave and believe it or not, we are better off. I know it might be hard to imagine a life without instant gratification, but the benefits are worth the extra time and effort. I stopped using my microwave 3 years ago, and I will admit it definitely took some getting used to. But the point is, the more that we simplify our lives, the more we get back to our natural state, the healthier and happier we will become. When in doubt, think of what your grandmother or great-grandmother did, this always helps me-plus it makes me smile 🙂


Here are a few tips to get your new life started:

1. Heat your food using a convection toaster oven-food tastes way better in here! I use this Hamilton Beach version that has been awesome! A toaster, a “microwave” and an oven all-in-one!

2. Remember your stove top and oven-they are made to heat too! Just throw back into a pot, saute pan or baking dish and heat.

Microwave Dinner by shimmerychick

3. Microwave Only Food?-you shouldn’t be eating it anyways.

4. Plan ahead-take things out of the freezer in advance to defrost and run under hot water.

5. Get an electric tea pot-you can not only heat water in 30 seconds, but you can also heat other beverages in there as well. *It is also great for expediting the process of boiling water (boils it within 2 minutes). This is the one I use: Capresso.

6. Worried about time? Eat it Raw. Eating foods in their natural raw state is the healthiest way to eat foods because they are the highest in nutrients and enzymes-just what your body needs!

7. Popcorn? Simply place corn kernels with butter on a large pan, cover and heat-way healthier and more fun!

8. What to do with the microwave? I currently use my microwave as a storage place for my dish towels, and I must say they are quite happy there. Plus there is a light, timer and clock-all necessary kitchen tools.

Well my friends you have made it! Next step is to take action. I have faith in you all that you have enough common sense and self-love to take this seriously and fortunately it’s easy! A little change, a big impact.


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  • Reply Jasmine Pahl February 15, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    Great, crucial, information, thank you so much for posting it. I’m going to put it on my Facebook wall. In Russian, the literal translation of microwave is ‘radiation box’.

    • lauren
      Reply lauren February 16, 2012 at 12:26 am

      What a famous piece of information! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Reply Rina March 28, 2013 at 5:28 am

      Hi, I am from Russia and the literal translaton is not a radiation box. It’s called the same – microwave.

      • lauren
        Reply lauren March 28, 2013 at 1:38 pm

        Hi Rina, the name that was mentioned refers to the early name of the microwave, not the current name. Thanks!

  • Reply Matt McKinney March 15, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Lauren is one of the most intelligent people I know. Her thoroughness is why she is ahead of the field in Health and Wellness 🙂

  • Reply David February 4, 2013 at 4:22 am

    This web site really has all the information I needed about microwave and didn’t know who to ask. Thanks so much! However, I don’t understand the reason why I can’t join it. Is there anyone else having identical RSS problems? Anybody who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanks!

    • lauren
      Reply lauren February 5, 2013 at 4:33 pm

      Hi David, thank you! I just checked the feed and did not have a problem on my end. If you want, feel free to email me directly at lauren@theholykale.com to get you set up properly.

  • Reply The Microwave Risk | The Holy Kale | sondasmcschatter March 26, 2013 at 4:14 pm

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  • Reply SONDA March 26, 2013 at 4:16 pm


  • Reply Rene MARTIN March 27, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Very nicely explained. A big, warm ‘thank-you’ from Portugale; looking forward to learn from you, kind ladies!

    • lauren
      Reply lauren March 28, 2013 at 1:38 pm

      Thank you so much Rene!

  • Reply gala March 27, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Thanks for your work to find and collect information, but I would really like to see the source of the original Russian work/studies about danger of microwaves. The idea of clever Russians who banned microwaves is moving from one blog post to another, but HOW ACCURATE is it. I’m really tired of reading that nonsence.I’m RUssian so I can read russian papers in original and so far I didn’t found any study/paper where Russian scientists proved the danger. On the contrary, just couple facts –“In the USSR,long before perestroika,​​at least 15 different models of microwave ovens were made,they were used not only for home cooking but real big ones for exsample to dry wood on factories.” Another one — ” Percy Spencer invented the first microwave oven after World War II from radar technology developed during the war. Named the “Radarange”, it was first sold in 1947.”
    Yes, everyone should decide for themselves — “to be or not to be”, but it would be nice if authors of posts could check all the facts and information before posting.

    • lauren
      Reply lauren March 28, 2013 at 1:44 pm

      Hi Gala, thank you so much for writing in. And yes, I have researched this topic extensively, and have found research summaries involving the banning. I will try to dig them up again and post on the site for your reference. As for the Percy Spencer paper, this is what I referred to in the beginning of my article. Another aspect of the microwave that I did not talk about is its effects on the energetics of a space. If you have any experience with kinesiological muscle testing, you will see that a microwave, once turned on in a house, completely crashes the energetic field of the space. It is quite interesting and alarming if you think about the amount of times one uses a microwave in a day. Our bodies are very sensitive to energetic frequencies, and the constant exposure to the chaos in the field can be extremely disrupting in the long run. If you know of any alternative practitioner like a chiropractor that uses kinesiological muscle testing, I would suggest testing this with them. Thanks!

  • Reply Laurie March 28, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Great research and information! I do have a question though: Have you done or heard of any research regarding convection ovens? We use ours instead of a microwave but would love to know if we are still doing harm!
    Thank you again for your article!

    • lauren
      Reply lauren March 29, 2013 at 2:56 pm

      HI Laurie – to my knowledge they are completely safe. Depending on the type you have, they either work by circulating air around the food with fans, or use natural convection caused by temperature differences in the oven. There are some that use radiant heat, but I have not read anything about that method being harmful. If I come across anything I will let you know!

  • Reply Roberta March 28, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    Love this! I never use a microwave and refuse to have one in my house. I’ve always assumed they were bad with absolutely no facts to back that up! And now some facts!!

    • lauren
      Reply lauren March 29, 2013 at 2:51 pm

      Isn’t it funny how often out intuition is right?

  • Reply Tony September 17, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    I like most of what I see on your site but I agree with Gala on this issue.
    It does not seem like you have researched this topic very well.
    Much of your information seems to come from that debunked Russian study and other urban legends circulating around the web.
    When you get a chance look here:

    and here:


    Please don’t add to the confusion. I have been a, “health nut”, for more years than I care to remember and there are some very gullible people out there.

    • lauren
      Reply lauren September 21, 2013 at 5:35 pm

      Hi Tony, Thank you for your thoughts and while the Russian study is not firm evidence, I have made note of that. As for snopes and hubpages, they are not more credible than other sources out there. The facts are that if you have ever done any energy work, or have the ability to feel or test energy, microwaves crash the energetic field and greatly influence the way our bodies utilize energy. That includes cell communication, meridian flow etc. In addition, there is hard science about the effects of microwave heating foods and the degradation of nutrients in the food. I know there are many people out there that do not research and continue to spread “rumors” but I stand firm on my beliefs about the microwave. Thank you though for keeping yourself informed, we all have to take on the responsibility at this time. Blessings.

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