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Honey Flight Tasting

Never think about the things that you cannot do, but rather explore the things that you can. This has been my motto ever since I dove head first into the health world, always looking for things to add into my life rather than to eliminate, and it has been the most rewarding and exciting adventure yet! Welcome to my honey flight tasting!


Honey Flight Table

Honey Flight Table


Last weekend I had the great pleasure of surprising my boyfriend with a truly unique experience. While most tastings are centered around less healthy libations and confections, I sought after re-creating this experience with something that I never thought possible… a honey flight tasting.

My boyfriend is hands down the biggest raw honey lover ever! He goes through about 1 jar every week or so, making him a valid competitor with Winnie the Pooh. This honey goes on and in everything… sprouted toast, smoothies, chocolate drinks, off the spoon, salad dressings… fortunately it has super health properties and is by far the best way to sweeten things up! Therefore you can imagine my elation when I came across this company that offers flights of honey!


Honey Flight

For the longest time, my boyfriend and I have had a “Tea Time” ritual that took place every Saturday afternoon. It involved us walking into town, going to Walton’s Bakery (Sandra Bullocks place), picking out a couple artisan pastries and bringing them home to enjoy with tea and some jazz. This ritual was the best because it allowed us to treat ourselves and truly enjoy the pleasures of the eating experience, not just eating for eating sake. But as our awareness grew, I decided that we could still enjoy this same experience but move toward healthier options such as raw desserts. Therefore, this honey flight was going to be the perfect addition.

Superfood Mix for Honey Pairing

In the spirit of flight tasting, I decided that we must have some fabulous cheese to go with the honey. While I haven’t truly had a piece of cheese in over 7 years, I thought why not get a little crazy and try some… a few pieces surely were not going to kill me. Now I am not talking about conventional pasteurized cow cheese, but truly aged, raw goat cheese. The reason I wanted raw goat cheese is because if it is raw, the enzymes are still intact which help you to digest the cheese. Secondly, you have to find aged cheese, at least 6 months, because as the cheese ages, most of the lactose (the component of cheese that the majority of humans do not have enzymes to digest) gets broken down, preventing bloating and indigestion. Just so you know, the majority of cheeses are hardly aged more than a couple weeks! Therefore, you are left with a much cleaner and more digestible cheese. Finally, goat cheese has been found to be almost 85% more tolerable to humans than cow cheese, as goats are not typically exposed to hormones and antibiotics or a toxic diet.



So I set up the perfect spread of the cheese, fresh baked bread from the local bakery, the honey, organic purple grapes, a fun sprouted nut, goji, cacao and mulberry mix, and his favorite… Golden Monkey artisan black tea. We turned on our favorite mix of classic jazz and enjoyed the afternoon sunlight.


Austin Sunset from my Window

For fun we each had to close our eyes, taste the honey and write down what we thought. They actually say that raw honeys can be compared to wine, tea and coffee in its variety and complexity, and I must say that they are right! Each honey was so unique that it was unbelievable that they all came from bees! We had the following combination from various US regions: Raspberry from Maine, Blueberry from Maine, Orange Blossom from Florida, Cranberry from Wisconsin, Buckwheat from Washington, Sage from California, Sweet Yellow Clover from Colorado, Basswood from New York, and Star Thistle from Colorado. My favorite was the Sweet Yellow Clover for its light and mildly sweet flavor, and my boyfriend’s favorite was the Buckwheat for its whiskey-like taste and its thick dark flavor. But I must mention, all were amazing, and the blueberry, raspberries and cranberry really did taste like the berry. It was unbelievable! If you want to get your own flight, visit our friends at Bee Raw Honey.


Cleaned our Plates!

The afternoon was a success! The cheese digested well, everything tasted fantastic; we had a nice break from our norm and even got to feel as though we were having a Parisian vacation inside of our very own apartment. And who said you couldn’t have fun as a healthy person!

*To learn more about the health benefits of Raw Honey, check out my Superfood Guide

*Also remember to support the Bees, by Reading my Review of the Documentary “Vanishing of the Bees”

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  • Reply Tamara April 5, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    Wow Lauren,

    somehow you’ve made eating honey & cheese sound like an expensive holiday away! Although we try our darndest to not eat cheese, I think we could still try the honey part 🙂

  • Reply Alison April 8, 2012 at 1:37 am

    This sounds like an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon with someone you love.

  • Reply Jasmine Pahl April 15, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Pretty photos!

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