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Lifting the Veil: Food Industry

 The Great Change

Over the past few decades the agricultural industry has become just that, an industry. With the sweet days gone of the closed system where the farmer is merely a steward of the earth, we are now dealing with the paradigm of industrialization and standardization, which once only ruled the business world, now ruling the agricultural one. The problem lies in the fact that this paradigm does not work in every model, and certainly not in the food one.

The agricultural industry now focuses on maximum output, efficiency, productivity as well as the bottom line, which is maintained at any cost: the cost being the earth, the animals and our health. Unfortunately this evil web is difficult to break. The main corporate players have led this change so stealthily that the farmers are indebted to them and the market makes it extremely difficult for them to operate outside of that relationship. Therefore, it is more vital than ever that we as a consumer take this opportunity to come to their assistance. We can no longer allow the corporations to mandate the rules and to take captive the marketplace, and we certainly cannot wait for the government to wake up and take action.

CAFO by Socially Responsible Agricultural Project

Lifting the Veil


Feed The World

One of the cleaver ways in which the industry has coerced our support is by claiming that this mass food production will feed the starving children and people of this world. Well the jury is out. The science is finally conclusive that medium organic farms are far more productive than large industrialized farms. While large industrialized farms might technically have a higher yield, their costs are far more exorbitant. From the fertilizers to the pesticides and machinery, at the end of the day, the medium farms that utilize the earth’s natural processes are fiscally sounder.

Secondly, it is not just the cost of running of the farm that makes industrialized methods less cost effective, but it is also the long-term gains. In the last 10 years more than 100 million more tons of pesticides were poured onto crops causing a 90% loss in diversity and caused 13 times faster depletion. In my opinion, this causes the need for infinitely more fertilizer and more research into Genetically Modified Foods. Neither which can be ignored when analyzing the cost of running an industrialized farm.

But even if it is more expensive, we are still feeding starving people right? Wrong.

Imageby Socially Responsible Agricultural Project


In reality, 70% of all row crops are grown for cows, petroleum, high fructose corn syrup, corn and soy additives, oil, and other industry uses. These crops are not providing ears of corn or wheat for nutritious breads and crackers. The majority of it is used to make highly processed food-like products that are merely sold for profit, not for health. In fact, this is one of the main culprits in the health crisis we are facing today. So no, I would not say that we are doing anyone any favors.



The USDA claims that our current produce has 40% less nutrition that the product of 1950. Furthermore, our food is now laden with bacteria, growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, mad cow, and avian flu. This is not worth the cost no matter how many people have access, and this very way of producing food is leading us to higher rates of disease, antibiotic resistance and cancer. Can you see our healthcare costs growing? 

The Puppeteer

84 % of beef is now made by 3 companies. These companies CONTROL the food industry from seed to plate. These companies sell the farmer the seed, fertilizer, manure and pesticides, and then buy back the crop from them at a cheaper price than the cost of production. They then process and refine the crop to make unhealthy food-like substances and industrial commodities, and then sell a portion to the animal farmers to make feed. These farmers than feed the animals GMO, toxic corn and wheat (that which is unnatural to the animal’s diet), which then lead to mass disease and illness. These companies then call their pharmaceutical buddies to supply the antibiotics and hormones, which then produce our so-called “delicious” and “affordable” meat product. Talk about making a profit all away around. 


Puppeteer Hands by geldenkirchen


What Now?

While there are many injustices taking place around us at this very moment, the main point is that they are being revealed. There are more campaigns, grassroots movements and documentary movies than ever before, so the truth is no longer being hidden… and with the truth comes power. Therefore we can take this as further ammunition for our fight to take back the world and restore it to its natural symbiosis, where we truly are merely a steward of the earth, not a controller. We are now really seeing what is happening around us, so it is now in OUR hands to take action. We are responsible for ourselves and we cannot rely nor blame anyone else. Therefore, take this knowledge and begin to make the necessary changes. We are on a new path to empowerment and hopefully you will make the decision to join us.

To get started, watch the documentary “Fresh,” the inspiration behind this post


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  • Reply Sherry (BTLover2) April 25, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    I watched Fresh last weekend (I think). Another eye-opening and confirming film about what’s happening to our world. The thing I remember most is how clueless the farmers who were being subsidized by the “big guy” seemed when they were being interviewed. It was actually quite sad. I felt embarrassed for them. I recommend seeing it!

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