Apricot Salba Tapioca for weight loss

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Apricot Salba Tapioca


It is about 9 pm at night and your stomach begins to growl… it is only a couple hours before your bedtime and we all know one of the worst things you can do for weight loss and health is to eat right before bed. So what do you do? Rummage around in the kitchen, look at left overs, ice cream, cereal… all items that are going to most likely sit and rot in your gut, adding those few extra pounds around your midline while also interrupting your sleep.

So my answer to this fun little quandary is Apricot Salba Tapioca. This is my new favorite late night snack that is perfect for quenching your sweet tooth while preventing you from breaking your healthy eating habits. Not to mention Salba is by far and away one of the best superfoods you can eat. This tiny seed is an heirloom variety of chia, which is the real star in the family.


Why I Love Salba!



How is Chia Different than Salba?

Salba is so versatile you can throw it into smoothies, breakfast cereals or even toss it on toast or grains. A simple way to increase your healthy fats, minerals and fiber, all with the tasty addition of seeds. Besides, they have a very neutral taste, you can easily play around with your tapioca recipes, using different fruits and even protein powders.

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  1. Ali

    Thanks for the info on Salba! That looks like the perfect sweet snack. Will have to try soon.

  2. Cortney

    Throw it in my smoothie everyday. LOVE IT!

  3. How is it that i’ve never heard of the term salba before? Wow, great to know! Thanks for the info, Lauren! I’m a huuuuuge chia pudding fanatic.

    • lauren

      Yes! You have to try… the boutique version, high-quality chia 🙂

  4. Sofia

    Yummy recipes… I didn’t know how to eat kale (apart from steaming it!) I love your blog! 🙂


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