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Friday Favorites

Being in the health business it is all about expanding your universe, sharing with others, getting in touch with your gratitude and always tasting and trying new things, so lucky for me my day includes all of these! Thanks to all of you in my health community, I have had the chance to be exposed to so much, so I am going to share the love by highlighting my recent obsessions.



 1. Vibram Toe Shoes

From the moment I read Born to Run, I knew I had to have a pair. While I would not say they are the most elegant looking things, they are by far and away the best things I have ever owned. Since the first time I took a walk in them, I have not wanted to take them off. I almost feel like a spokeswoman for them sometimes because I just cannot get over how amazing they are! Imagine the scene in Forrest Gump where Jenny tells him to run. He starts to run and he runs so hard that his braces fall off, leading to his life-long career of distance running… putting them on feels just like that. My chronic back issues that I have always put the kibosh on my running career is no longer an issue. They make you realize what your feet are actually for! Okay… ending my speil now… just try them!

Vibram Love


Hair and Nails

2. Hair and Nails Formula by Dragon Herbs

I am at the point in my life where I LOVE getting my nutrition from food, but even more than that, I LOVE finding new supplements to help me take it to the next level. This does exactly that. For all you men and woman who have always wanted thicker, longer and faster growing hair and nails, this is the real deal. I am not one for gimmicks, and I will openly admit, most hair and nails formulas absolutely do not work, but the truth is that this one does. I take 6 capsules daily like clock-work, and it is worth every pretty penny… so get your own HERE.

Pinterest Love: Best Hair Ever


3. SeaSnax

Finding a healthy item to munch on that does not come in the form of a “stick” typically seems to plight those of us in the vegan realm, but these SeaSnax fit the bill. They come in long sheets of tasty, delicious, sea salted seaweed that are excellent for a daily snacking. Super rich in minerals and especially iodine, seaweed helps to support optimal thyroid functioning, which will keep your metabolism humming for that lean figure we are all looking for. As for risk of radiation from Fukushima, the company swears by their methodical methods of testing, and claim that we have nothing to worry our little heads about. So I am putting my trust in them, and continuing to indulge in my addition.  Not to mention they are made with real olive oil instead of the typical toxic canola oil. Try Some!

Seaweed Snacks 🙂



4. Heidi Swanson, chef guru, magician and creator of 101 Cookbooks and Super Natural Everyday

Do you know the feeling you used to have on Christmas Eve morning when you first woke up? You were filled with such excitement and wonderment that you feel as though you might explode? That is what it feels like every time Heidi posts a new recipe on her blog. I have quickly become one of her biggest fans, not because her photography and writing are amazing (which it is), but because I have made over 40 of her recipes and every single one of them has come out amazing. While she loves using dairy, her recipes always are easily altered to fit any diet preferences. If you buy one cookbook to start eating a plant-based diet, this is it.

Heidi Swanson


Dragon Herbs

5. Goji Berries

The first time I tried these I was convinced it was a terrible ploy on raisins to steal their thunder, which somehow went completely wrong. They were hard, awkward tasting and just flat out uninteresting. But as I kept ready about all their health benefits, especially their high vitamin C content and longevity claims, I kept feeling like I HAD to eat them. So I did, a few at a time, more as a vitamin than a food, until I found Dragon herbs. My boyfriend bought me a bag of Dragon Herbs’ goji berries and with the first bite, my life had been changed. These are hands down the MOTHER of all gojis. If you have never had this brand, then I put my life on it that you have never tasted real goji berries. Moist, soft, sticky, plump and delicious, they are the real deal and can be eaten plain, put in smoothies, made into elixir or even just thrown into salads or grain dishes. Plus my Mary’s Gone Crackers love them too! Get some HERE.

Goji Berry Love



Keys Sunscreen

6. Keys Sunscreen

Being a beach girl, the topic of sunscreen has always been a sword in my side (yes, somewhat of a made up term of mine). From both my research and own experience, you had two choices, the super toxic, cancer-promoting conventional brands or the natural (oh wait, maybe not really oh so natural), ghost transforming, worthless brands. That was until I found Keys. Honestly, frankly, positively and absolutely, this is the BEST. I have slaved over finding a good alternative to keep me wrinkle and lobster-free, and I am reaping my rewards with this one. It is super safe, can be applied really easily (no ghost transformation here) and it works. Not to mention you can use it as a moisturizer too because it feels just like one. Amazing Happiness! Grab a bottle HERE.

Beach Ready


Camu Camu

7. Camu Camu

Sometimes you get lucky when you try something new because you finally feel the satisfaction of true results. This superfood powder nails it on the head. It is a reliably sourced, superfood powerhouse that will give you enough vitamin C to literally cause your skin to glow. After about the 4th day of taking it, I literally sat myself in front of the mirror for at least 15 minutes, contemplating if I was seeing things. My skin looked like how I imagine people look when your pregnant and your skin is glowing. This is on my “absolutely cannot live without” list. Want to try it too? Check it out HERE. 


Camu Camu Berries


Best Lotion Ever!

8. BijaBody Lotion

Once again the hardest thing about going TRULY natural and chemical-free is finding a product that is truthful and that works. In the realm of lotions, there is a lot of hype, and a lot of false advertising, so I was more than elated to have found BijaBody through my new found love for Twitter. This lotion is one of many amazing products by Melissa Picoli, who is a girl after my own heart. She not only makes this amazing lotion that is silky smooth, makes you have baby soft skin, which also smells faintly like honey and roses, she also is the founder of an amazing outreach program that helps women in 3rd world countries develop their own trade through “naturalizing” the cosmetic industry. You must try this out, I have 30+ lotions under my belt, and this is the only one thus far worth my praise. Purchase your own HERE.

Melissa Picoli


9. Russell James’ “Raw Falafel and Hummus Wrap”

If you have not heard me rave about Russell James yet, then you most likely are new to my blog so take off your shoes and get comfortable. Russell James is my Rawspiration, forcing me to constantly try new things. With his adorable English accent, engaging videos and home-study courses, there couldn’t be an easier way for you to eat your way into a healthy kitchen. This recipe is one that he shared on his blog, and has been my “yes, I work at home, but I make sure to feed myself decadent 5-star lunches daily” meal. While this recipe does take some prepping and thought, every savory bite is worth it. Not to mention, it’s super clean, energy providing and all around satisfying. Don’t forget to sign up for his blog and classes to get started.

My Version of Russell James’ Raw Falafel


10. Gratitude

Every morning I make it a point to practice a few moments of active gratitude in order to really thank both myself and the universe for this amazing opportunity I have been given. Getting up at 5:30 am typically allows me enough quiet time to do just this, and I do my best to try to inspire you to do the same. Most all mornings I will post on my facebookand twitter both an image and quote that really has really touched me, and has helped to ground me amidst this crazy world. Therefore if you have not joined me on twitter or facebook yet, please do so, so you too can be apart of my practice.



*I just want to reiterate that all items that I have posted here are all my personal choices and things that I eat, love and wear . Enjoy!


Happy Friday!!!




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  • Reply Cortney May 19, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    An excellent list. You have forgotten one though… watching Disney movies with excellent friends.

  • Reply Courtney May 20, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    I love your blog!!! Reading through this post I now have 5 new tabs open so that I can look into everything you love 🙂
    I am relatively new to being a vegan, so your blog has been the perfect knowledge base for making choices!

    • lauren
      Reply lauren May 20, 2012 at 4:54 pm

      Thank you!! What a nice way to start a Sunday Morning…. Well if you need anything in particular to help getting started on your journey, please shoot me an email and I would be happy to use it as inspiration for a new post!

  • Reply Sarah April 9, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    I’ve been having issues with my hair shedding like crazy after stopping birth control. I just started taking the Dragon and Herbs Hair & Nails. Hope it helps! It’s a very frustrating thing to have happen. My hair is super fine to begin with. I hope these help strengthen and increase the amount of hair I have. I think the birth control really does thin your hair. 10 years of it… I want my hair back! Thanks for the post about your experiences with this too! It was very helpful.


    • Lauren aka The Holy Kale
      Reply Lauren aka The Holy Kale April 13, 2014 at 5:38 pm

      Yes Sarah let us know!!

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