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Dragonfruit, Goji and Cashew Vegan Muesli

If you have ever been subject to a hotel continental breakfast, a convenient store energy bar or travel sized cold cereal and boxed milk, then this Vegan Muesli recipe is dedicated to you.

As a frequent traveler, I am forced to be pulled from the comforts of my homemade breakfast for far less appealing and health-repressing options. While this may not be such a life-changer if it happened only once in a while, it certainly is when it becomes a monthly or bi-monthly one. So my challenge became how to create a breakfast that could easily be packed into a suitcase – to be eaten on the road, in the car, on a plane, in the airport or even in a hotel room – that was both delicious and nutrient-packed so that I felt energized for the long day ahead.

My answer? This absolutely decadent vegan muesli mix that is loaded with exotic superfoods that contain more nutrients that you can shake a stick at, and will fit happily into a Ziploc bag for convenient travel.

Simply add to your favorite form of non-dairy milk or yogurt and enjoy!






Never heard of Dragonfruit before? 

This is a lesser known superfood that tastes sweet like a chewy sesame candy. Dragonfruit is harvested from a night-blooming cactus that grows in tropical regions including Thailand, Vietnam and South America. Also known as Pitaya, it is a large delicate fruit that sprouts from the arms of the cactus, and have a strange and colorful appearance. The fruit is created only if the cactus flowers are pollinated at night by bats, moths and nocturnal creatures. Pretty cool, huh!?

Dragonfruit is a low-calorie food that has a well-rounded nutrition profile – and that makes it a true superfruit! It’s a great source of vitamins, including C and B, and it contains key minerals including iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Dragonfruit provides 2g of protein per serving, which is a lot for a fruit, and it’s also a rich source of essential fatty acids including omega-3. Therefore, it can be beneficial for boosting the immune system, lowering inflammation, relaxing muscles, building bones and for preventing aging. All the more reason to give it a try, no?



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