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Pad Thai Noodle Soup

Pad Thai Noodle soup…. what is there not to love about this recipe! Not only is it beautiful, but this Pad Thai Noodle soup recipe is a super healthy alternative to the greasy, high-fat version you get at your local Thai restaurant.

Did you know a typical Pad Thai dish contains over 600 calories and sometimes as many as 1,000? That is almost half of your total recommended calories for the day. To make things worse, typical Pad Thai is loaded with sodium, topping over 2,000 mg for one plate. Why is that a big deal? On average the total daily recommendation for sodium intake is 2,300 mg a day. Yes, you heard that right, a DAY. So that means ONE plate of Pad Thai practically meets your sodium requirements for the day. In order to save yourself from heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, bloating, kidney stress and other high sodium related health consequences, ditch the restaurant Pad Thai and try this instead.



Photo Credit: Rohit Tandon


This Pad Thai Noodle Soup recipe is from my new favorite cookbook, Superfood Soups by the talented Julie Morris. Packed with reinventions of all our beloved recipes, she manages to maintain the flavor, heartiness and richness of all the soups we love, while upgrading them with healthy twists and superfood boosts. While there are so many plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan recipes to choose from, a few that I have tried and loved are a Golden Cauliflower Soup with Seared Mushrooms, Cacao Black Bean Soup and of course, this Pad Thai Noodle Soup.

If you are looking for an easy way to incorporate healthy eating into your life, this book is it. Soups are a low-calorie, nutrient-dense food that can be prepared in advance. This allows you to always have something good to eat in the frig, preventing you from making poor food choices when eating out. Another reason to love superfood soups? Superfood soups like this Pad Thai Noodle soup are naturally cleansing. Containing mineral-rich broths, fiber-forward beans, vitamin-dense veggies, and lots of powerful superfoods like chia, dulse, and cacao, you can help to heal and cleanse the body with each bite. In fact, I oftentimes recommend for clients to do a soup cleanse, which entails eating only soups for a period of time. This allows the body to be nourished with all the nutrients it needs to detoxify and heal, while lessening the burden of digestion and elimination. You should give it a try!

*One more fun nutrition fact: seaweed is rich in iodine, the mineral needed by the thyroid to function properly. Most women and men are iodine deficient, which can lead to hypothyroidism (feeling sluggish, cold hands and feet, infertility, trouble losing weight, foggy brain). Adequate iodine levels also protects against radiation (airplanes, X-rays, airport scanners, phones, computers).




Reprinted with permission from Superfood Soups © 2016 by Julie Morris, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.


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