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Healthy Gluten-free, Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Are you preparing for the big Thanksgiving meal and tired of the heavy, meat-laden choices? Check out my top healthy gluten-free, vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes that will finally make this holiday as enjoyable as it was meant to be. No more guilt, no more bloating and stomach pain, only delicious food and lots of merriment. Surprise your guests with these creative new dishes that will undoubtedly be a hit. I know that people love their traditions, but there is no reason not to upgrade them!


Ultimate Vegan Snack Board by The First Mess

Why does it always seem that the main dishes are easier to think of than the appetizers? Other than the usual chips and dip, and fruit and cheese platter most appetizers seem pretty gluten and meat-heavy. That is why I am so stoked to try this ultimate vegan snack board! All vegan, but super creative! Velvety roasted garlic + butternut squash dip with sesame, balsamic mushroom + olive pate, and soft cashew “cheese” spread with beetroot + miso…. yumm!




Sprouted Brown Rice Pilaf with Roasted Grapes and Fennel by Dolly and Oatmeal

Mixing up the starches at Thanksgiving can be a bit restrictive with the mashed potatoes and stuffing to compete with, but I think this pilaf stands a good chance. I love the idea of roasted grapes to diversify the dish, adding a bit of sweetness to an otherwise savory bowl.


stuffed-acorn-squash-thanksgiving healthy gluten free


French Lentil and Buckwheat Stuffed Acorn Squash by Pure Ella

How beautiful are these! Like little Thanksgiving stars! This is a perfect side dish or main entree for the vegetarian lover. Super simple to make too! Just as delicious as it is beautiful.


butternut-squash-casserole- healthy thanksgiving


Butternut Squash and Apple Casserole by A Brown Table

What!? How good does this look. Time to indulge in a killer Thanksgiving dish that is right up our alley! There is nothing like the combination of butternut squash and apple, especially when it is casserole. Try swapping this for the usual cream of mushroom green bean casserole and really get people excited about eating healthier.




Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pecorino Cheese and Pecans from A Couple Cooks

It is not Thanksgiving without some Brussels sprouts. By far and away my favorite food, and with a little cheese and nuts, there is no way this dish is going to last long.




Cauliflower and Leek Gratin by Faring Well

Cheesy, cheesy goodness without the cheese! I know, hard to imagine but true. Made with almond milk and cashews, everyone will be too in love with this dish to let you get out the door with leftovers. This is a must for my Thanksgiving this year.




Pumpkin Spice Cake with Coconut Vanilla Icing and Roasted Hazelnuts by My New Roots

If you are looking to really wow your guests this year, surprise them with a whole new pumpkin dessert. Rather than the typical pumpkin pie, try this pumpkin spice cake! As if it being topped with coconut vanilla icing and roasted hazelnuts was not enough to convince you, it is actually sugar-free, dairy-free, and even made with whole grains too! Dream. Boat.




Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream by Comfy Belly

Oh. My. God. Pumpkin spice ice cream made with bananas and no dairy! Now that’s bananas. Eat it for breakfast to gear up for the big day, or eat it with your pumpkin spice cake. No matter how you have it, no regrets will be had.




Paleo Chocolate Pecan Pie by Bakerita

I once had chocolate pecan pie in Florida and finally knew why this dessert is so crazy good. When made with REAL pecans and REAL chocolate, and none of that gross fake pecan goop, this is probably one of the best pies known to man. Don’t forget to lick the spoon!


There you go! 9 healthy gluten-free, vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes that will help you sail through the holidays. If you have a personal favorite recipe that you love to make each year, please share below!







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