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Heavy Metal Cleansing Juice and Smoothies

If you suffer from heavy metal toxicity or suspect that your heavy metal levels are high, then using this heavy metal cleansing juice and smoothies is a great way to start supporting the detoxification of heavy metals at home.

We are all constantly exposed to heavy metals from the air we breath, the water we drink, the foods we eat and the environment that we live in. Our exposure to these metals is one of the most overlooked causes of acute and chronic symptoms, which is why I developed the Easy and Effective Heavy Metal Cleanse program. Designed to be done at home, it utilizes the power of nutrition through a customized diet and supplement regime to safely move heavy metals like mercury and lead out of the body. This cleanse is ideal for those who are preparing to get pregnant, who suffer from the unresolved nagging symptoms listed below, or for those looking to prevent disease and promote longevity. I recommend that everyone regardless of age, health circumstance or suspected exposure consider doing a heavy metal cleanse. This is even more important for those who fall under high-risk groups for heavy metals such as those who eat sushi frequently, have or had mercury amalgams, work with metals in industry, or live in a home with lead paint or old plumbing.

*always consult your physician before undergoing a cleanse or changing diet

The symptoms of heavy metal exposure

  • brain fog
  • lethargy, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • depression
  • aching joints
  • chronic infections
  • candida, yeast infections
  • GI disorders
  • anxiety disorder
  • ADD or ADHD, slower reaction times and less flexibility in changing focus
  • nerve pain (neuropathy)
  • macrocytosis
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • memory loss
  • blood sugar issues
  • Autism
  • miscarriage, infertility, PMS
  • kidney disorders
  • psychological disorders
  • deviant and violent behavior
  • childhood intelligence

If you are ready to start exploring a heavy metal cleanse, then head on over to my Easy and Effective Heavy Metal Cleanse program to learn more. You can also start incorporating the following juice and smoothies to being promoting heavy metal elimination.

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