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Along my journey to discovering the secrets to limitless health and wellness I have come across many fabulous resources that have greatly expanded my awareness. There are countless ways and practices that can guide you to your own truth, and therefore I am going to share with you some of the places where I have been able to gain valuable insight. There are no “right” answers, no “healers”, there are only guides that show you the way. Therefore, it is up to you to find what truly resonates with you, so that you feel whole-heartedly in sync with your path.

Nutrition Education:

1. Andreas Mortiz: Enerchi-TV

2. Dr. Gabriel Cousens: Tree of Life

3. David Favor: SunFire Superfoods and Audio/Video

4. Natural News

5. Cosmetic Database 

6. Weston A Price Foundation 

7. Natural Resource Defense Council 

8. Tom’s Good Files: Dr. Robert Marshall’s Radio Show recordings

9. Paul Chek Institute

10. Mercola


Healthy Recipe Blogs:

1. 101 Cookbooks

2. Green Kitchen Stories

3. Sprouted Kitchen

4. The First Mess

5. My New Roots

6. Earthsprout

7. Umami Girl

8. Pure 2 Raw

9. Roost

10. Scandi Foodie

11. Golubka

12. Pure Vege

13. This Rawsome Vegan Life

14. Love & Lemons

15. Half Baked Harvest

16. Naturally Ella

17. Our Food Stories

18. Blissful Basil

19. Jessica Murnane

20. Whats Cooking Good Looking

21. A Couple Cooks

22. Top With Cinnamon

23. Dishing up the Dirt

24. Veggie and the Beast

25. Vidya

26. Two Red Bowls

27. Against all Grain

28. What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today

29. Pure Ella

30. Tales of a Kitchen

31. Happy Yolks

32. In Sonnets Kitchen

33. Honest Plates

34. Anett Velsberg

35. Playful Cooking


  • Reply Susie July 7, 2015 at 1:24 am

    Hi Lauren, do you have any suggestions for depression, it is not severe, just feeling down and anxious due to family issues. I do not want to go on anti depressents , been there done that, it was very difficult getting off of them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks Susie

    • Lauren aka The Holy Kale
      Reply Lauren aka The Holy Kale July 7, 2015 at 4:20 pm

      Hi Susie, the best products that I have worked with are Tao in a Bottle and live source B vitamins. Tao in a Bottle is an herbal blend utilizing Chinese tonic herbs. It is excellent at reducing stress and anxiety, and boosting the mood without fatigue. As for live source b vitamins, B vitamins are needed for the proper neurological functions that release feelings of happiness such as serotonin. I personally use the product Max B ND since it is the best absorb and most potent and effective for those dealing with mild depression. If after a couple weeks you don’t see an improvement (although I am confident you with), consider taking NADH (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). This is a coenzyme supplement that is typically utilized for those with more severe depression and who are on a medication. It doesn’t seem as though you are at that stage, but if the other two dont work, give that one a try. It is naturally occurring in the body so it is not harmful although it is always advisable to consult with your MD before starting anything new.

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