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The Holy Kale

The Holy Kale has been created to document my quest to find the crème de la crème of the health and wellness industry. I have taken all of my knowledge, research and experience in the field in order to sift through all the so-called magic bullets, false claims, and marketing schemes to bring to you the best out there. No ploys, no hype, just authenticity. So the following is my personal list of things that I believe deserve the term “The Holy Kale.” Enjoy!

1. Supplements   2. Superfoods   3. Personal Care   4. Restaurants


  1. LO! I freaking love your website!!! I wish I had known about it when you started!!!! I’m SO impressed!!!!

  2. Michon

    Hi Lauren,
    I just finished reading your new book: The Miracle Kidney Cleanse and have found it to be loaded with information that would take someone years to learn. I have discovered why I feel so awful after doing a gallbladder/liver flush, something that neither myself or other health practitioners could not figure out the reason for this, except…”You must just be loaded with toxins and are detoxifying.” But now I know that my kidneys need a good scrub down!!! Thank-you for all the recipes and easy to follow steps to do the kidney cleanse. I am beginning my juice fast this week and look forward to feeling better. My sincere thanks and appreciation to your hard work and effort!

    • lauren

      Thank you so much!! I am so glad to hear that you are getting on the program and that it is helping you. It really is the missing link that I truly believe is a game-changer for so many people. I really look forward to hearing how it goes and I hope you will share with us your experience in the future with it.

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