All of the following supplements are live-source, unheated, excipient free nutrients that are of the highest quality. They are organic, kosher and vegan. They are either suspended in organic alcohol or encapsulated in vegetable capsules and never use gelatin. In my opinion, these supplements are the best on the market and are extremely safe and most importantly effective. They are what I personally use for not only myself but also in my practice. Please also remember to check out the series “Dirty Little Supplements” to learn the ins and outs of supplements. Only the best for you!

Best All-Around Supplement Company


Premier Research Labs


Best Herbal Supplement Company

Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs


Best Live-Source Liquid Melatonin 

Melatonin ND- Premier Research Labs

read more in “Body Earth Rhythm”


Best Turmeric 

Quantum Turmeric by Premier Research Labs 

read more in “Getting Spicy in India”


Best Live-Source Iron Supplement


ErythroPro by Premier Research Labs 

read more in “Vegan Iron Basics”


Best Hair and Nail Formula


Hair and Nails by Dragon Herbs

read more in “Kickin’ It with Kidneys”


Best Kidney Support

Kidney Complex by Premier Research Labs

read more in “The Kidney Cleanse”


Best Cold and Flu Formula


Nucleotide Complex by Premier Research Labs

 read more in “Cold and Flu Insurance”


Best Vegan Sprouted Protein


Sunwarrior Brown Rice Protein

read more in “Vegan Protein”


Best Vitamin D3

Premier Research Labs D3 Serum

read more in “Cold and Flu Insurance” 


Best Immediate Immune Booster

Premier Research Labs Colostrum-21 Powder

read more in “Cold and Flu Insurance”


Best Liver Formula: Detox and Repair


Pure Encapsulations Silymarin Liver Care

read more in Livin with a Liver


Best Hormone Metabolism/Balancing Formula

DIM Detox

DIM Detox by Pure Encapsulations

Best Stress and Anxiety Relief Formula


Tao in a Bottle

Tao in a Bottle by Dragon Herbs

Best Daily Supplement

Greens Mix

Greens Mix by Premier Research Labs

Best Anti-Stress and Energizer

Adaptogen Energizer

Adaptogen Energizer by Dragon Herbs

Best Hormone Balancer, Rejuvenative and Anti-Aging Formula

Eternal Jing

Eternal Jing by Dragon Herbs


  1. Aunt Debra

    I love your website and in tune with one of your articles about expressing love, I LOVE YOU!!!!! Happy flush!

  2. Jamie

    I am a vegetarian but I still take fish oil for the Omega 3 benefits, obviously. Premier Research Labs doesn’t carry it, is there another place you might suggest? So many of the brands I find contain additives or (as hypocritical as this sounds) are encased with gelatin. Thanks.

    • lauren

      I personally do a combination of PRL EFA Oil Blend, which I use on my food, and then I take a couple capsules of PRL DHA. The DHA is the hardest to get from food sources if you are vegetarian, and it is the most beneficial for brain development, nerve and eye health. Fortunately the one from PRL is derived from algae, so it is vegan friendly.

  3. Becky

    Hi there! Thank you for your wonderfully informative articles!! I was wondering I you have any personal stories/reviews of benefits of the bio response DM? I am recently off the birth control pill and looking to detox and lose weight. Thanks for your help!!

    • lauren

      Hi Becky! I have worked with quite a few clients that used it, and it personally helped me a lot in terms of getting my hormones back on track after birth control. Fortunately DIM is a highly studied compound that has many successful findings on its ability to convert xeno-estrogens. It is a derivative taken from cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussel sprouts etc), so it is a safe way to detox. I would definitely give it a try.

  4. Jessica Browne

    Hello! You really have put together quite a great blog with lots of great information. Do you have any recommendations for people who are considering trying to lead a more healthy lifestlye but don’t know where to start? Outside of eating healthier and more green, Looking at all of the potential supplements and such feels overwhelming! Thank you. :)

  5. Roberta Heldenbrand

    I would like to receive your newsletter.

  6. randy rodin

    great website

  7. Detera Walker

    I would like to receive newsletter.

  8. nikki

    Hey Lauren! Have you tried the belly fat serum?

    I posted the link to it, its the health beyond hype brand and I was wondering if for the price it was decent. I work out and eat really healthy but still have slightly lower ab fat. Do you know of anything else that could help this?

    • lauren

      Hi Nikki – I actually have not used that product, nor heard any feedback on it. It may be worth a try though. Lower abdominal fat is either due to congested colon and/or congested lymph. Therefore, I would make sure that your bowels are moving normally, that you have eliminated any excess impacted waste (colonic) and have addressed the lymph. Oftentimes eliminating allergenic foods like dairy and gluten can help as well.

  9. Susan

    I love Premier Research Labs! I recently finished a kidney cleanse and I’m currently doing an intestinal cleanse using their products. I also take Max B-ND and Green Tea-ND. My question is what’s up with PRL and their “Nanized Delivery”? I’ve been hearing a lot in the news about nano size particles and their ill effects on our health. What can you tell me about this?

    • lauren

      Nanized is NOT the same as the nano technology that you are referring about. Nanized in the case of the PRL products is just referring to the size of the molecules of the nutrients which are held in the probiotic bodies. Their “nanized” products are actually amazing, the most cutting edge in nutrition right now. They by-pass the digestive system and get directly into the cell making them the most efficient way to take nutrients. Hope that answers your question.

  10. SJ


    What do you think of whey and protein supplements for runners? Particularly from this running coach? (

    I am considering buying the “Gold Standard” whey and protein supplements ( But I wanted to see what a nutritionist, rather than running coach, might think.

    I just don’t know what to think about this from a nutrition and health (rather than athletic) perspective.

    Thanks so much! -Stella

    • lauren

      Hi Stella, I do agree that athletes of any kind, including runners, need to make sure they are getting adequate protein in their diet. I do not recommend casein because it is extremely hard for the body to digest and often it can create mucous in the intestine. As for Whey, there is a big difference in quality out there. The majority of the whey comes from conventionally raised cows (hormones, antibiotics etc) and the whey is actually highly processed which can damage many of its nutrients. Finally, many people do not do well with whey because its a part of cows milk – a huge proportion of people do not digest cows dairy. With that being said, if you do feel fine on whey (can digest it well), then I would only purchase whey protein that is from organically raised cows. A couple brands are Tera’s Whey, Whey Protein from Quantum Nutrition Labs, and Protein Factory. I also really love the vegan protein powders by Sunwarrior. They have a few types that are blends of sprouted brown rice, cranberry, pea etc. Lastly, I personally think taking Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) can be extremely helpful as well. I personally use the BCAA supplement from Pure Encapsulations.

  11. Jim Pedersen

    Can you add me to your newsletter list!


  12. Rachel

    Can I please be added to your newsletter list? Have a great day!

  13. Maria

    Hello how often do you send news letter? And what do you think about spirulina ?

    • lauren

      Every month typically. I like spirulina, it is a great addition to your smoothies. I think it acts as a multi vitamin.

  14. Please feel free to send me information

  15. peter hudson

    Hi lauren , i was thinking about making my own mixture of plant/fruit powders to take as a daily supplement, mixing powders like maca,acai,camu camu, ginko,ginsing, yerbe matte,tumeric, cinamon,acerola,mango,cocao,sasparilla,catuaba etc .do you think by mixing as many as 20-30 different powders and making a shake could have any adverse affects? regards peter

    • Lauren aka The Holy Kale
      Lauren aka The Holy Kale

      Hi Peter —- no, I think that the blend you mentioned would be fine. I would just make note of how you feel, and if at any time you feel like it is not benefiting you, you may need to start eliminating some to pinpoint what is what. Other than that though, it sounds like you have an amazing nutritional plan going on.

  16. Sarah

    Hi Lauren! Just wondering what “non-medicinal” ingredients I should stay away from? I just bought GH whole body greens powder and realized that there a lot of additives. It makes me a little leery..
    Thanks! And great site!!

    • Lauren aka The Holy Kale
      Lauren aka The Holy Kale

      Hi Sarah, avoid any natural flavors, artificial sweeteners, talc, potassium sorbate, titanium dioxide, silica, and magnesium stearate. If there is anything else you do not know about, look it up before purchasing :)

  17. Mia

    Hi Lauren, aka The Holy Kale,

    I recently received my blood work back and was told by my doctor that I need to be taking a probiotic supplement. I just finished taking Probiotic Supreme, but as an avid reader of your blog, I was wondering if you could touch on probiotics. Which are the best brands to consume? Pill form, liquid, etc?

    • Lauren aka The Holy Kale
      Lauren aka The Holy Kale

      I think the best probiotic hands down is the one by Ohhira. It is not available at all health stores but you can purchase it online. If you are looking to restore healthy bacteria in the gut, take 6 capsules for 10 days, then 4 for 20 days. After that, you can do 1-2 daily for maintenance.

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