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Yay! This is the best part of the blog in my opinion. I have had the opportunity to eat at some pretty amazing health restaurants throughout the country, so this is the part where I share my gratitude to all those chef’s making a difference. I can definitely say that it has been a challenge searching out these places so I am extremely happy to share them with you so you don’t have to 🙂 Feel free to create your next vacation centered around these places… that’s what I like to do at least. Travel to Eat!


Overall THK Award goes to: Christopher’s Kitchen. This is by far the best restaurant in the US. There is absolutely nothing on the menu that will not make you die and go to heaven. Thank you Chris!

Christopher's Kitchen Raw French Toast

California (So Cal)

Best Raw Desserts: Rawvolution “Euphoria Loves Rawvolution”

Best High-End Raw Meal: Matthew Kenney’s M.A.K.E.

Best Superfood Shake: Juliano’s Planet Raw (no closed!!)

Best Raw Restaurant: Cru

Best Macrobiotic Meal: M Cafe de Chaya

Best Vegan Dishes: Real Food Daily “RFD”

Best Vegan Burger in Santa Monica: The Golden Mean Cafe

Best Vegan Friendly Cafe: Lemonade 

Best Organic Market in Santa Monica: Co-opportunity Natural Foods

Best Organic Market in West Hollywood: Erewhon Natural Foods

Best Vegan Burger in the South Bay: Martha’s 22nd Street Grill

Best High-End Sustainable Restaurant: Akasha

Best Vegan Cookie in the South Bay: The Spot

Best Vegetarian Option Cafe in Orange County and San Diego: Zinc Cafe & Market

Best Vegetarian Cafe in Santa Barbara: Spiritland Bistro

Best Raw and Vegan Food Orange County: Au Lac


California (Nor Cal)

Best Raw Cafe: Cafe Gratitude

Best High-End Vegetarian Restaurant: Greens Restaurant

The Plant Cafe Organic



Best Raw Restaurant: Christopher’s Kitchen– Palm Beach Gardens

Best Raw Cafe in Miami: Lifefood Gourmet

Best Raw Cafe in Palm Harbor: Rawkstar Cafe

Best Organic Cafe and Market in Cape Coral: Back to Nature


Georgia (Atlanta)

Best Vegetarian Restaurant: R. Thomas Deluxe Grill


Best Take Out Organic Market: Brighter Days Natural Foods

Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant: Cha Bella

Best Organic Carry-Out Cafe: Thrive


North Carolina (Asheville)

Best Vegan Restaurant: The Laughing Seed

Best Tea House: Dobra

Best Vegetarian Friendly Romantic Restaurant: Rezaz Mediterranean Cuisine

 Best Organic MarketEarth Fare


South Carolina (Charleston)

Best Vegan Friendly Romantic Restaurant: Lana Restaurant

Best Vegetarian Quick Cafe: Black Bean Co

Best Organic Market: Earth Fare


Texas (Austin)

Best Raw Restaurant: Beets Cafe

Best Greek Cafe: El Greco Grill

Best Vegan Community Restaurant: Casa de Luz

Best Vegetarian Friendly Romantic Restaurant: Vespaio

Best Juice and Raw Bar: The Daily Juice

Best Vegetarian Friendly Mediterranean Restaurant: Fino

Best Organic Market: Wheatsville Food Co-op


Best Tea House: The Steeping Room


Best Farm to Table Restaurant: T’afia

Christopher's Kitchen


  1. I have been to a place or two on your list. They were awesome. I guess all the other restaurants in your list are pretty awesome.

  2. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and we have a relatively new restaurant called The Root Cafe. It is all farm to table food and it is incredible. If you get a chance check out their website and if you are ever in Little Rock stop by.

    • lauren

      Thanks for the suggestion Jessica! I LOVE the name and anything with root vegetables is most certainly going to be delicious! I will have to head on over there if ever in Arkansas!

  3. Karen Carr

    Any suggestions or recommendations for restaurants in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas?

    • lauren

      I actually have not visited there. But if you live there, try – they are a great resource for vegetarian markets and restaurants. Then please let us know!

  4. Kim B.

    Great information. There is also a Casa De Luz in San Diego now. Great restaurant.

    • lauren

      Oh I have been wondering about that! There is a Casa de Luz in Austin, that I do miss so very much!

  5. Kelly

    You should definitely add The Plant Cafe Organic to the NorCal list. I have lunch there daily and am lucky enough to work in a building in downtown San Francisco, where it’s right downstairs. They have an amazing Kale salad, everything is organic, and they also have a raw fruit juice cleanse that you can pick up daily, if you’re interested (I haven’t tried it). Great smoothies and raw juices as well as entrees, salads, etc.

  6. Please include Poteger Cafe in your list of Favorite Restaurants. The owner, Cynthia, is a Goddess, as far as I’m concerned… She provides yummy natural local food in a comfy love-filled environment. You pay for what you eat. Eat as little or as much as you want. In old-town Arlington, mid-way between Dallas and Ft. Worth. See website for daily menu.

    • lauren

      I will most certainly look into this! Thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂

  7. Terrie


    Pomegranate Cafe – raw and vegan in Ahwatukee area
    Tsoms by ASU – vegan and raw buffet bar where pay by weight
    Greens in Tempe area – vegan

  8. Patrick Lozon

    Hi Lauren,

    Next time you’re in Asheville you have to try Plant. It is by far the best Gourmet vegan in Asheville and one of my personal favorites. You (or anyone else) won’t be disappointed. Bon Appetite.


    • Lauren The Holy Kale
      Lauren The Holy Kale

      Amazing! I LOVE Asheville and am always looking for reasons to go back 🙂


  1. Lauren from The Holy Kale - […] Since you live in the States, where/what is your favorite place to eat? There are so many amazing places…

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